Did you know that Financial Concerns is the biggest reason which puts Indians off from pursuing their Masters abroad?

Besides the lack of financial support, these 3 other factors act as the biggest detriments:

  • Immigration Concerns
  • Language Concerns
  • Emergence of Quality options in India

While these three factors are hard to solve, getting financial support for their Masters is one of the easiest to counter!

Many universities along with government and private agencies have offered scholarships to select students. These scholarships may be hard to obtain, but they remain one of the best ways to fund your masters especially due to increasing tuition fees. Add to this the fact that competition and demand to pursue Masters abroad is increasing, a scholarship is becoming more of a necessity rather than a luxury.

As a matter of fact, there are 16 billion euros worth of scholarships available solely in Europe every year!

But the sad part is, millions of scholarships are going to waste not only because of a lack of confidence in his/her own profile, or missing out on deadlines, but mainly due to a lack of awareness of the options available to a prospective student.

Many students think scholarships are merely for the academically inclined, or the athletic prodigies. However, several types of scholarships are offered, including artistic scholarships, employee scholarships, and personality type related scholarships.

Searching for the right scholarship may be challenging. With an overwhelmingly large number of scholarships for Indian Students available, it would be difficult to know where to look for, and what to look for. Besides, keeping track of their deadlines and requirements would be a major hassle, especially if the application season is approaching.

With a structured approach to finding scholarships for Indian students, and then tackling the scholarship essays, you can save a lot of money, up to even $500,000, in your pursuit towards higher education. 

So, check out this brief and diverse selection of scholarships for Indian Students, sorted by the countries.